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Building Alphonse Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist 

  Any kind of paper was used for the paper templates, newsprint, cardstock, construction paper, etc. Everything was eyed and modified to fit my height from reference pictures online. Most resources were character design sheets. 

After buying/ordering several 3/8 inch thick mats of EVA foam (gym mats) online I traced my paper patterns onto the mats with a marker. I than used a hot knife to cut the pieces out. After my fingers were numb from cutting through over 10 gym mats, It was time for gluing. I used a hot glue gun for gluing the pieces together. Nothing fancy jut a old trigger squeeze glue gun. 

The buckles and roll of nylon strapping were for the waist piece. I looped and glued a length of the nylon through a buckle than glued one male to one side of the waist than the female end to the other.



Painting was the probably the easiest part because it was hard for me to cut or burn myself with paint. I followed the Heroes workshop guide to painting EVA foam, but kind of modified it for my budget and time. I used 2-3 coats of Plastidip (a form of liquid rubber in a can) letting the pieces dry for 15 min's (or over night) in between each coat. After the coats of Plastidip, I spray painted it with whatever color I wanted, letting it dry for however long the can says in between each coat. Than put the semi-gloss on for the final touch. I want to make the paint job even better so when I go back to retouch parts for this costume I plan on giving it a even better paint job since Ive learned so much after this costume. 

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