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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Red man hands

Bought some worbla for the fingers so it's gonna be fun playing with this materials for the first time. I see a a lot of tutorials in my future. Bought it HERE

First cut out the shapes for the fingers in craft foam so they'd have a thickness to them.Than taped them to my fingers to test how they'd fit. Actually looks pretty damn good. And I have a decent amount of mobility in my fingers so that's a plus.

I laid out all of the templates of foam onto the rough side of the worbla and traced around them. Than gave about a quarter inch of space around it so I could fold it over the sides of the foam.

All cut out and ready for the heat gun!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Went to Supercon 2014 and was commissioned to make a Madara Uchiha costume

These are facebook links but you can view the albums whether you have a facebook or not. I also go in depth about my mistakes/what I did with the commission in the description boxes next to the pictures. The reason I'm not putting the commission in a post here is I want people to be able to find it so having it in one place is easier. I'll also post a link to it in the sidebar.

Supercon 2014 pictures

Madara Uchiha commission
I havn't been posting as much as I want to because I had a last minute commission to work on. My friend wanted a costume for supercon 2014. Went something like this:

Friend: Hey, can you make me a Madara Uchiha costume for supercon?

Me: sure, when is it? (I'm thinking its at least a couple months away)

Friend: Something like near the end of next month.

Me: So about 4-5 weeks away? (its already the middle of the month)

Friend: Yeah. I'll pay you of course.

Me: . . . Challenge accepted.

I was stupid to accept it in the first place because it was so last minute but I wanted a challenge to see if I had the guts to manage everything and hopefully get it done in time like the professional cosplayers. They can get a whole costume done in two weeks why not 4-5. Lets just say I learned a lot from this commission about time management and what works best when working with materials.