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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Went to Supercon 2014 and was commissioned to make a Madara Uchiha costume

These are facebook links but you can view the albums whether you have a facebook or not. I also go in depth about my mistakes/what I did with the commission in the description boxes next to the pictures. The reason I'm not putting the commission in a post here is I want people to be able to find it so having it in one place is easier. I'll also post a link to it in the sidebar.

Supercon 2014 pictures

Madara Uchiha commission
I havn't been posting as much as I want to because I had a last minute commission to work on. My friend wanted a costume for supercon 2014. Went something like this:

Friend: Hey, can you make me a Madara Uchiha costume for supercon?

Me: sure, when is it? (I'm thinking its at least a couple months away)

Friend: Something like near the end of next month.

Me: So about 4-5 weeks away? (its already the middle of the month)

Friend: Yeah. I'll pay you of course.

Me: . . . Challenge accepted.

I was stupid to accept it in the first place because it was so last minute but I wanted a challenge to see if I had the guts to manage everything and hopefully get it done in time like the professional cosplayers. They can get a whole costume done in two weeks why not 4-5. Lets just say I learned a lot from this commission about time management and what works best when working with materials.

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