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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Redman body pieces

Using L200 foam for the bodice so I can easily shape it the way I want it and so I don't have to worry about a pattern being shown like with the EVA foam. L200 foam is specifically used for special fx artists so its a great find. It was a bit hard finding the stuff but I eventually found it here for a decent price and size.

So I made my template than traced and cut it out from the foam.

I than traced all the detail pieces on the foam so I would know where to place stuff. Using craft foam I cut out the leather looking straps and glued two of them together so they would be long enough in the back. 

Finally got a move on working on the bodice. I first glued the 3 strips of craft foam on the L200 with contact cement. It was a large area to cover so I used a black foam paintbrush.

I bought some cheap plastic rings at a fabric store and looped a piece of cut out PETG plastic. Than heated it and wrapped it around the ring. 

I than cut a slit into the foam and used super glue to glue the plastic into the slit. 

Like so.
I also bought some cheap black plastic chain and cut those in half to make it look like they were going through the bodice. Than I used a soldering pen to melt holes into the foam for the chain.

I first tested what glue would hold plastic and foam together so I wouldn't run into any problems in the future. I ended up just using superglue. Hot glue didn't work, contact cement didn't work so I tried super glue. bam.

I actually almost forgot about the rings around the links on the leather straps. Important details can really make stuff pop. 

So after I burned holes back into the foam I super glued the links in. All done! Well except for the straps but still pretty close. Let me just have my moment. T^T

Even looks good wrapped around.

Now for the straps! I first made a cardboard template so I could make guesstimates on how thick the straps would need to be, how tall the box-like buckles would be and how shallow the buckles would need to be to go into the foam. I'm still not sure what to do for the strap themselves. Possibly glue two pieces of L200 together. Who knows.

Traced the cardboard pattern onto some scrap sintra and cut out the pieces with a box cutter.

I first started sanding down the sides with some sandpaper to give the glue some grip.

Super glue

The back pieces glued to the top
After gluing all the pieces together and sanding down all the extra edges as smooth as possible I added some spot putty to fill in any gaps.

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